Longbow SR-L v2 -Now posted

I thought the old version (second pic) would be final, but I found out i had several parts, so I modded the top rail a little bit.

This was going to be a sniper rifle ,the SPEC-9 v2, but I added a bow to decrease loading time and to make the design work. The major improvements over v1 are the stock, barrel, and it has a new sight now.

I would call the longbow SR-l the SPEC-9 v2...

This is possibly the biggest knex object I have made.


- true trigger
- very powerful
- good range (70-90 feet)
- very accurate
- has a sight
- better stock
- has a collapsible bipod
- faster load time than v1 (5 seconds for v2, compared to ten seconds for v1)
- NEVER jams or misfires


- out of all my knex projects, this uses the most parts. (but im sure this isnt a problem for every other knexer out there)

stock- bartboy
Bipod- KillerK

I do not have a final range because The only place where I can test my sniper bow is blocked by my christmas tree. final range- 70-90 feet.

its a combo of my SPEC-9 sniper rifle and my longbow SR-l crossbow.

It is coming out this Saturday at the earliest, but im not 100% sure.

Picture of Longbow SR-L v2 -Now posted
bow 003.JPG
bow 004.JPG
bow 005.JPG
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DJ Radio (author) 8 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
DJ Radio (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
DJ Radio (author) 8 years ago
will be posted this saturday.
yay you can post!!
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece8 years ago
aw crap the battery died. It will have to come tomorrow.
You're almost done with the Instructable? I can't wait till you post it!
DJ Radio (author)  intel5208 years ago
almost. I have to tweak it a bit.
DJ Radio (author)  ajleece8 years ago
lol, yeah. I have a sear mech and a semi-auto I have to build
DJ Radio (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
KI Post coming sunday.
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