i did it!!! i finaly figured out a way to fix the problem with the SR-V1. the problem was the ball joint that had to be pushed into the yellow connector. i made a new system. it is very reliable unlike the balljoint. and with the new system little changes had to be made. the only changes were for the better. now it uses no exotic parts. note that for lack of yellow connectors i could use, i moded the barrel. you can use the old barrel but this one works just as well. since i did not change much i call it the SR-V2 for now. i am working on a new name for it so i dont have to ask KILLERK if i can post it. sorry i dont have a pic right now i had to type fast. i will get one up tomorrow probely! insructions will be comming if KILLERK lets me.

Picture of SR-V2
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ironman699 years ago
here is my new system/ every thing is mechanical like KILLERK's almost p.S H.P.R-1 coming soon!
dsman195276 (author)  ironman699 years ago
I can see how it works, the ammo is any rod with an orange connector and green rod on the back. Then place the ammo over the green rod which was the ball joint and your away :P
i don't understand it?
1)the bullet clips on the red/brown connecter. 2)when you pull the trigger it mechanically pushes the red/brown connecter up. 3)the bullet wip's off because it know has room to(the bottom of the red/brown connecter bends a little to let the bullet go)
How does it improve the gun? It looks like it just makes it look more complicated and weaker.
what the hell are you talking about how would you know you haven't even made a gun with this design yet you ignorant little pest
Somebody needs to calm down >_> I mis read the bit where it says how to works, Good job anyways.
lol sorry its just I take great pride in my work
StyleCore9 years ago
Holy crap i did this same thing before i saw this. I was planing on posting it but if you want to you can. If you dont want to i can post it today.
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