SRV-3 The Concept Review with JBG's SRV-3

Hello fellow iblers’! I’m JonnyBGood and today I decided to post a review of the SRV3 concept. Be sure to note that this is not KILLERK’s official version but a close knock-off. I did not use the same bands or the exactly same mech. I also did not make side covers or the monopod so don’t judge his version based on my model. I also never shot it outdoors so ranges are a complete guess, but I will say KILLERK’s ranges are very believable since I witnessed them at Knex War 2013.

So now with all that gibberish out of the way what exactly am I reviewing? Well I’m reviewing the concept, the ratchet mech, trigger mech, and any other part that contributes to the guns function and ergonomics. Okay so now let’s start with the ratchet…

Ratchet- After the first use of the gun, I couldn’t imagine trying to load the gun without it. I did try loading it without using it and ended up spontaneous launching it in random directions, something you don’t want to happen with a gun this powerful. (Luckily the wall I hit was cement) The ratchet concept is really what makes the gun usable for people of any age, height or strength so I definitely think KILLERK did a great job designing this feature.

Trigger- Well I willingly admit this part is the most different from KILLERK’s version, but it does rely on the same concept of the round being held in by a clamping force. I was actually the most concerned about how this would work because to me holding back a force that could send a yellow rod through a door with a clamp didn’t quite make sense to me.  I will saw after building it I now don’t doubt the clamps capability to hold the round, and now it also makes sense as to why he used a clamp. The clamp trigger mech allows for a very light trigger pull due to the pivot point being so close to the ammo, so the slightest pull moves the clamp up.  SRV-3 trigger is definitely one of those surprising concepts, being that the most powerful gun on instructible’s has one of the lightest trigger pulls I have ever used.

Random other things- The ratchet and trigger were the two concepts which to me stood out the most for the SRV-3 concept but there are many other things about the gun which I will cover here.

The Handle- So surprisingly enough it is actually pretty comfy, and it’s mainly built to hold the heaviest knex gun I have ever built. On the other hand, I wouldn’t try lifting this gun by just the handle, but why would you? You are definitely not going to akimbo these things unless maybe the handles were moved more toward the front of the gun, and then held like an RPG, but again why would you even want to akimbo or hold it with one hand? It’s a sniper rifle!

The Dimensions and some other random things- Alright I bring dimensions up here because I think it’s one thing to see pictures and another to actually know how big this is. If you stand it on end it’s about six feet tall and it’s a yellow rod wide, so ten layers wide. (if you filled in the center which you would not do).  Again as I ranted about earlier this is what makes this gun so heavy but it’s required for the amount of power it’s capable of. You would also add another two layers if you wanted to make it more presentable so it could be 12 layers wide if you want it to be. Another thing that I noticed on my version was that the gun bows toward the end.  Granted I’m not sure as to why or if I was missing a support somewhere but it wasn’t a problem just something I noticed. The only other thing I was planning on reviewing the accuracy but if anything was relevant it is that I suck at shooting accurately! XD I can’t even shoot guns I build accurately so, a guy who is much better at creating coverfire, will not be giving an accuracy score. I will say the sights allowed me to shoot a 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper from ten to twenty feet relatively easily, so they do help.

In conclusion I would recommend you build the SRV-3 if you have the pieces for it. I would especially recommend it if you haven’t built one of KILLERK’S SR’s before because the power will blow you away. It is deffinitlly the king of the slingshot platform for now and probably until an SRV-4.   ( I apologize for the poor picture quality but it would not fit in my normal picture taking spot and there's still too much snow outside for outdoor pictures. Sorry!)

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~KnexBuild~3 years ago

What is that big thing on the end of the barrel?

JonnyBGood (author)  ~KnexBuild~3 years ago

The ratchet mech. I kind of over supported it so it weighed down the gun pretty good but KILLERK's version is more well defined. To see how the gun works check out the SRV-3 forum topic.

akshat210453 years ago

Dad-gum that is HUGE. I believe it would be around 5-6 feet, am I correct? It must be an awesome gun indeed.

JonnyBGood (author)  akshat210453 years ago

Well I wrote in my review if you stand it in end its about six feet tall. However this thing is a giant slingshot so it gets a lot if power from its size.

Yep, I really love the way of loading it. It is quite innovative!

JonnyBGood (author)  akshat210453 years ago

Yeah I liked it too, more so to the fact that it makes it so easy to use that a 5 year old could probably use it. He basically designed for the people who acctually should be playing with knex lol.

But I don't think that this gun should be given to a 5 year old... he could kill somebody XD. More like a 13+ gun I guess!

JonnyBGood (author)  akshat210453 years ago

Well we also have to take into account whether or not a 5 year old could pull back the elastic. But yeah, There's enough pictures online you can build it if you want to. You just have to be experienced enough to know what your doing. So I think we'll be safe.

thanks for the great review and I am extremely pleased you like it. As for the barrel bending I would blame that on the following. First the front ratchet part has to be as light as possible. Your ratchet mech looks to use more parts and the heavier weight with bend the barrel. I went through several designs before I found a good balance of strength and sturdy construction and yet still keeping it light. The other reason for the barrel bending would be not having the exoskeleton which adds a significant level of bracing and structural support. Love you you had fun with it! I'm hoping to one day break those distance records with a similar or smaller sized gun. Great to have another builder work on the concepts.

lol just read what I said lol gotta love texting responses never makes sense lol

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