Stop the Kangaroo Killing! (Updated)

Stop the kangaroo killing!

Please help, Forward it to everyone in your contact book and spread the word!!
Keep kangaroos out of the endangered list!!!

This video will keep you off roo bugers for your entire life! If it doesent, I don't know what will.

Please sign the petition
Read the petition here and the sign button is down the bottom

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awang88 years ago
Once I saw a dead kangaroo across the road. It had a beer can in it's hand and a cheap pair of sunglasses on it's head. Whoever done that is both silly and cruel.
. Insensitive? Yes. Macabre? A bit. Juvenile? Of course. Cruel? How so if the poor critter was already dead? When I'm dead, you can dress me in a tutu and stick a feather duster up my butt for all I'll care.
thermoelectric (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
But how do you know they didn't purposely hit it and dress it up?
How do you know they didn't?
thermoelectric (author)  Rock Soldier8 years ago
Because what would make you want to dress up a dead kangaroo?
Maybe the beer can that the deer had was only one of a few empty ones in the back?
also, another answer as to why one would dress up a dead kangaroo, would be....have you ever tried to dress up a LIVE ONE ? LOL
Well, there was that one time...
Oh so THAT'S how your stomach got to look like a C

Actually, it's a V...
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