Safe and Sound

Hey homeboys and girls. This is Bilal checking in from Eric's dining room table. So it's true, I did have a bit of trouble with Airport Security. They made me miss my flight checking out all my crazy scary gadgets. It would be irritating but hey, I'm sure loads of people haven't seen a metronome before. Gasp! It ticks! Arriving in SF would have been quite unsatisfactory without a brief car chase so thankfully security obliged us with a short run with their tiny electric cars. Never fear, Eric, Christy and I made a swift getaway to the hills. Go Volvo go! -BG (thanks for breakfast Eric)

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So, how's it goin' there?
gmoon9 years ago
Had a buddy who shut down an entire airport concourse a little over a year ago--he had a home-built laser pointer in his carry-on. He's a mech engineer, who often works for various gov contractors...

Maybe it wasn't the wisest move, but he'd carried similar stuff before. TSA confiscated it, threatened him with prosecution, left him hanging for two months before they decided not to take it further.

He's not exactly a mea culpa kinda guy...(it could have turned out much worse ;-)
As long as you arrived unviolated... Where were you coming from? Sounds like a nuttier trip than my last few...
Goodhart9 years ago
I'm sure loads of people haven't seen a metronome before. Gasp! It ticks!

Oy veh ! Any self-respecting terrorist will use either a crystal or multi-vibrator for a timer, not a wind up clock.......We use tools and attitudes from the dark ages looking for terror behind every rock and tree.
Kiteman9 years ago
So, are airport scares a contractual obligation for Instructables interns now?
guyfrom7up9 years ago
just out of curiosity, are you dustlonely, the person who makes programs for ipod touch/iphone? lamedust, dustlonely, kinda similar
You're interning?
Brennn109 years ago
Sounds like one heck of a trip!