Safety Tips, anyone?

Ok, obviously, "don't drop hot steel on your feets" is the first safety thing we need to think about, but what abut others? Any chemical hazards or others people'd like to share?

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DJ Radio7 years ago
acidbass7 years ago
always be calm if something does go wrong you just need to chill out and DONT panic or that will just make things worse
keltic888 years ago
Consider every piece of metal near, on, or in the proximity of the forge to be hot enough to cause severe burns. Just because it's not orange-white doesn't mean it won't cause 3rd degree burns. As far a safety glasses go - I use green tinted glasses that they use for brazing? Allows you to see the steel better in the forge fire.
Beware of uncalcined molds. Wednesday before last (the 6th) I was casting aluminum when a steam explosion launched molten metal at me, resulting in a third degree burn on my right foot. This was caused entirely by my own inattention; I had mixed up a still "green" plaster mold and the calcined one I had planned to use. Anyway, I've now got a heck of a reminder on my right heel to always be sure I'm using a calcined mold and to never cast without full casting protection (I had a faceshield, leather apron and gloves, but neglected to use my leather boots).

Don't let this be you. Never be careless with the kind of temperatures we deal with.
never re-shingle your roof in the winter
But if you do, don't eat the yellow snow....
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Aeshir10 years ago
Don't be caught saying "oh, hello gravity!" after falling off a cliff. In general, beware of gravity.
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