When I saw the sandblaster here, I wanted to make one because well, it's cool. The only problem is that I can't find the gun. From what I can tell, It has 2 intakes and one exit nozzle. I did read the instructable, but it didn't say (as far as I could tell). Can someone help?

I saw the instructable and I am really not sure that I got the point. If it was an instructable about blasting patterns on jeans then I understand. Whereas, if it was an instructable on making a sandblaster then it was not very good. Sandblasters I have used have the nozzle(air/water) behind the sand Venturi tube. The reason for this is: to stop the sand(grit) wearing out the nozzle and also to stop the grit from blocking the nozzle. There really isn't any need to direct the sand through a small bore nozzle in this case. Sure you can make a sandblaster from an air blow gun but sandblasters are relatively cheap and reliable anyway, so what is the point?
John Smith (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
Tell me about the blowgun idea, please.
? The blow gun (air gun) idea was the instructable you linked to.
lemonie10 years ago
Looks like an airbrush, Venturi-effect sucks up sand. However, I didn't spend that long looking at it. L