Sanding Laser Etchings and Saltwater Etching Through Anodization ?s

I own an iPod Shuffle, 2nd generation, silver. It is very plain, and I've recently been reading up on saltwater etching. I want to remove the standard Apple logo from the back and etch my own text (it will either be "iMake" or "iBles", I can't decide). I've come upon two roadblocks, so far, those being: can I sand laser etchings (the Apple Logo) off, and can I etch through the player's anodization, or would I need to sand that off? I don't really care if it doesn't turn out perfect, or looks like a total mess. It's not like I paid for the thing. Thanks for any help!

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Kiteman10 years ago
I've never even held an iPod - are their cases metal all the way through, or do they just have a thin layer of metal over plastic?

If it's metal-on-plastic, I would have thought that the saltwater process would be useless once you've sanded the logo off and down to bare plastic.

BTW, see this Instructable for more on the saltwater process. Maybe you ought to ask neelandan for more advice?
Bran (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Whoa whoa whoa whoa - wait! You've never held an iPod? And you're a teacher? Do they not sell them in England, or or your students that well disciplined?
Kiteman Bran10 years ago
They're not that well disciplined (though they're not bad) - it's just a combination of a ban on all mp3 players from school, and the knowledge that if I catch them with one, I'll keep it until they bring their parents in to collect it. ;-)
Same here. And our cell phones must be off and out of sight during school hours, or they get taken too.
I've heard of one UK high school that allows phones, but fines pupils five pounds if they ring in a lesson.
Well, actually, sometimes our teachers will just warn us if it rings. The old, mean, teachers are the ones that take it away immediately.
LOL - that makes me old and mean.
ROTFL-sorry :D
Hey, don't be. It means I'm healthy.

I take out all my stresses and strains on the kids at school, and have a happy, calm homelife. Watch your teachers - the ones that seem to put some effort into getting on with the kids probably get the least respect and will be the ones off sick most often.

The genuinely relaxed teachers are the grumpy ones - you'll be surprised how easy they are to talk to out of a lesson, and when you go back to visit your school in years to come, they'll still be there, hale and hearty.

I was taught English by the same man that taught my father (25 years previously). Evil smegger, crack shot with a piece of chalk, daft as a brush with it. They had to make him retire in the end, but he was ancient when he died in some sort of accident.
Bran (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
Just a quick question, what grade do you teach? Is it primary school, or secondary?
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