Satyr/faun hooves

obviusly im new to this whole instructables thing but i need some help. i want to make me some cloven hooves, i've gotta design in mind and i know how to make the hoof mold and all that jazz but i don't know what to make the hooves out of! they need to be durable, easy to make and prefferably cheap, they also need to be able to be attached a pair of shoes (im thinking screws)
any ideas on what i can pour in my molds....?

mikeasaurus2 years ago
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DustySeven72 years ago
Look at the instructions Gryphern on youtube

great instructions.
you can download the instructions here

Biggsy4 years ago
I know someone who has made a pair very successfully.... They made them out of upholstery foam, and covered them with latex

Whats your application?
caitlinsdad4 years ago

There's a few more out there that make a hoof-like leg prosthetic/extention that are stilt-like and throw the whole body balance of of whack where you have to learn how to walk. Search on pan satyr feet, etc.