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I am not sure if this has been suggested before.  I have been a member for years on this site and find the projects fantastic.  I have even built some!  I am always coming across instructables that I want to try and spend a lot of time on the site surfing and coming across great projects. 

I would like to see a feature where we could add an instructable to our own "favourites" list so that we can manage them and go back to them and build them without having to add them to the web-browser favourites.  This way, we can keep a list of those 'ibles that we intend coming back to inside the website.  Perhaps we can even share that list with other users.  Just a thought.


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kelseymh6 years ago
You can do that now! If you're using Firefox, look for the Bookmarks menu option, then select Bookmark This Page and choose the folder you want the page to be stored in. You can create new folders, or even nested folders of folders.
Eviljonbob (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
Yes, if you read my original post I said "without having to add them to the web-browser favourites." which is what I do now. My question was answered. It is a Pro option and it also comes with cheese.
Except that the "favorites" list on I'bles is not organized or organizable. The items are listed in the order in which you add them. If you want grouping, then you need to do it yourself.
Eviljonbob (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
Good to know..... so in fact the browser bookmarks might be the way to go.... I do tend to group and organize my stuff into sub-folders now. Thanks for the info.
Browser bookmarks are definitely more flexible, but then you're tied to that specific browser on that specific machine (unless you have network-mounted volumes). I guess there are trade offs either way.
There are addons available for Google Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and possibly IE to sync bookmarks and other browser data between computers.
Eviljonbob (author) 6 years ago
OK. I think I got the answer to my question:

- I can get the Favourites or Favorites functionality by joining as a Pro member.
- All website spelling on this site/sight/syte needs to have all possible English variants, including those of former ungrateful colonial interests.
- Cheese is a touchy subject.

I like you. ;)
Kiteman6 years ago
One of the benefits of being "pro" is access to your own Favourites list.
and your own Favorites list too LOL ;-)
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