Save my Christmas Tree!

My Christmas tree is no longer sucking up water,and it is beginning to droop.I remember hearing on Mythbusters that bleach helps the Christmas tree last longer. Is this a good idea,or do you have another suggestion?

Goodhart10 years ago
Next time buy a potted live one and then plant it outside later on :-)
canida10 years ago
I'd start with re-cutting the end, as it tends to seal over with sap. I presume a bit of very dilute bleach helps prevent anything from growing in the water, but don't have specific help there.
Darn, you posted while I was commenting.
Doctor What10 years ago
If it is no longer sucking up water, then there is probably no saving it. If you were going to use bleach then you should have started from the beginning. If bleach does anything, it makes it last longer, not revive it.

One alternative:

Try cutting a little bit off the bottom, meaning take a slice off of the very bottom of the tree. I don't know if this will work, since I havn't tried it myself, but it might work. You know, when you cut off the bottom of the stems of flowers before you put them in the vase?