Say hello to Debra, here of her own free will...

Debra's been frustratedly watching me float around 'ibles on my phone and computer for some time now and somehow instead of just hating me and instructables got interested and joined. 

She's also my girlfriend, which means she's been subjected to my ible based ignorance quite a lot, but at least gets stuffed peppers out of it.

Odd facts include that the sign on process will work on an iPod touch, you can't write topics on Android machines and only skyfire will load up the rich editor but will only write source, pages can be saved when building an 'ible. but that's it.  

Basically I'm barely at the computer any more, being kind of mostly homeless so the rare occasions when I'm back are usually publishing 'ibles and doing serious computer things like getting amusing photos off the phone. 

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jamiah937 years ago
Hey Debra!
hey! thanks for the welcome
Missmaxcady7 years ago
Hey...ITS ME! Hi instructables community. Thanks for the warm welcome.
killerjackalope (author)  Missmaxcady7 years ago
Hah you have no idea how awesome this is, and highly amusing
Its great...Oh my picture is working..
Please forgive me my lapse of manners as I engaged in conversation without first saying hello or welcome (btw: Welcome to Instructables).

BTW:  any other gals you can drag in here   convince to come here, would be great;  they help balance the place out.
Kryptonite7 years ago
I like that title. I like it a lot.
Ninzerbean7 years ago
Oh Killer, she is beautiful!
Ah yes, but looks fade with age.....the question is (drawing on the "will it blend" craze) does she "create"! :-)
I can create magic if thats what you mean...
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