Scale Aircraft Drawings

Does anyone know where i might download a copy of the book "Scale Aircraft Drawings vol 1"
without signing up for something.

Picture of Scale Aircraft Drawings
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Not sure I can, its a 157 page document. Anyone know a way to do this other then as an e-mail attachment???
What's the filesize? Upload limit here is 10.somethingMB, so anything under that and you should be able to put it on the Instructables server (same way as attaching an image).
I've tried twice, no luck. Any suggestions?
Let's try this again!
Here's the file, hope this works. If not, we'll try something different.
I have a 157 page pdf file of aircraft drawings in scale. Just scale the drawing up and down to the size sheet of paper for the scale you want and print them. give me an email address and I'll attach the pdf file and you can at least start from there.
wenpherd (author)  trike road poet7 years ago
Can you post the file in a comment?