Scariest day of my life

i was caught in a wndys parking lot smoking flavored tobacco out of a hookah, having fun lightening to music and all of the sudden, "hand me the bong sir" my brother said its not a bong, its a hookah, and i was asked to step out of the car, and was put in hand cuffs then into a dodge charger police car, and we were let go with a ticket, the only good part, there was no weed in the car and the leather seats in the charger, scariest thing ever

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PKM9 years ago
"Let go" with a ticket? Like, "well you aren't actually doing anything illegal so I won't arrest you this time"? Or was it because you're too young to smoke anything, in which case it was deserved...
Yerboogieman (author)  PKM9 years ago
they found a pipe for miscellaneous smoking
Labot20019 years ago
Is there a moral to this story, perhaps? A lesson learned?

If your mother won't let you do it in your bedroom, don't do it in a carpark.
That comment could be mistaken for something completely different.
Yeah but that doesn't really work now, generally with young people being given more freedom the amount of charges in car parks are going to skyrocket...

rocketscientist runs to car park after library
Yerboogieman (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
yeah, really, but it was just flavored tobacco...
Ha, exactly!
hehe! Or just about anywhere else.
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