Scholarship Robot Proposal: Perimeter Security Bot

A few years ago my house was broken into. Thankfully, nothing of to great of value was stolen. They only stole $60 out of a small personal safe (not traceable and did more property damage than anything else), had no idea who broke into our house or if they were ever caught, and no way of providing any evidence to convict anyone. So it got me thinking, what if I had a bot that ran around scanning the house (visually and audibly), linked up to an old pc that uploaded live feed from it, and have an alarm capability that if it detected someone that would trigger the iRobot to have the live feed stored to the hard disk on a remote web server. That way if we do get broken into ever again, I will have evidence on file! The iRobot would have a "normal live feed only" function and an "alarm on" function. The difference between the two would be that the normal mode would just send live feed onto my web portal and not store it on the remote hard disk. That way if someone is home it will not store hours of my family walking around, while my hosting storage gets filled up. "Alarm on" mode would allow the iRobot sensors to sense a person and tell it to store the feed on the remote HD. It will do this for 10minutes, after the time is up it will then reset the timer, and begin the whole process again. Again, this is keeping any false alarms (such as my cats) from filling up HD space. Sensors: To detect any object (like a human) only requires an IR sensor to detect a moving body of heat. It is like the ones you see in some buildings with the plastic covers over them and leds blink when an object passes in front of it. Another words a thermal motion detector I would also incorporate a high frequency detector. It would detect loud sharp noises, like glass breaking. Then of course the crt camera with audio linked to an onboard wireless transceiver. old PC with Proprietary software and high speed wireless router I eventually will hope to one day build this robot, if you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them. Thank you for your consideration!

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Kira_Koenig (author) 10 years ago
SacTownSue, No worries, this is the one I will build. I also will include other ideas for add on features, so you can pick and chose the peripherals right for you. I will try to keep cost as low as possible since that will be a major concern with others. Just don't let my creation fool you, I intend on using up a lot my excess carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and other goodies, that I have stocked piled over the years. Thanks for the comment :)
Kira_Koenig (author) 10 years ago
nacho, -I have been thinking about doing that, I just didn't want to not have something posted by Wednesday. I will do that in the final submission after I work all the kinks out, just to add a semi-professional look to my instructable. - I also have a nice stock pile of composite material and electronics. So my actual $$$ investment will be very low and my cost will probably not exceed $100. - Due to the response from this post this will be my end project for the contest if I win a Create. :D I would like to thank everyone who has commented on this post and for their support!
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Looking at the drawings, I think you're a little top heavy. May just be because it's not to scale.
. It might be helpful to draw out a "real" flowchart. You can find flowcharting apps all over the 'Net - I'd start at . Much easier to edit than pen and paper.
. Unless you just happen to have a carbon fiber pole laying around, a wooden dowel or metal tubing will be cheaper.
SacTownSue10 years ago
I need this. I hope you do this one. My neighbors don't understand boundaries. What I really need but can't afford is some hungary rotweilers! I had most of my garden tools stolen last month out of my backyard.
Kira_Koenig (author) 10 years ago
-I have just posted some sketches I drew at lunch today. This should give you guys a BASIC overview of how I would construct this robot. I tried to squeeze in as much detail as possible (and my free hand needs work!) on a piece of paper. -The drawings are not to scale and are approx. positions of where components will be. I hope this helps!
Kira_Koenig (author) 10 years ago
-Nacho, Point well taken! :)
Kira_Koenig (author) 10 years ago
Sounds good to me. You'll just have to find whatever fits your needs/wants.
. I think that the siren/strobe is a great idea, but <heavy sigh> in today's society if 'you deafen and/or blind the intruder you may be legally liable. I'd keep the 'volume/brightness low enough to scare but not harm. Now if you could figure 'out a reliable way to kill the intruder, ... LOL'

Well, Nachomahma I thought about putting weapons on it, but then it would be my luck it would shot me or a loved one. I am good at making weapons, but glitches can occur and I do not want to take that chance. I also know that sense I live in a small southern town( I know people from doing computer work like the Judge and a few officers), I would have citizens backing me.

-I agree, what has the US come too when a crook can break in to your house, get hurt, and then sue you?

Then again, killing the thief would do the community some good, it's just I don't want to have clean up duty either.... LOL
> Well, Nachomahma
. Please! Call me Nacho. heehee
. Sounds like we're on a common wavelength. I did say "reliable." :)
. I've been told by more than one LEO/lawyer/judge that you do not want to wound an intruder - if you're gonna do something do it right. And the ever popular, "I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6."
. I think we've gotten a wee bit off topic.
Kira_Koenig (author) 10 years ago
-NachoMahma Well, I just don't want another thief getting away like that. We were like the 3rd out of a total of 5 break ins that day; on the same road none the less! I think instead of it trying to load live video that can take up some major space and upload time. I will have it snap a picture every second for 10seconds, that way the alarm features (1loud painful siren and strobe lights that will visually impair someone) will not interfere with the quality of the pictures. I will use the live feed video just as a remote viewing option. So pictures of the thief can be quickly uploaded, sent to a remote server, and ready to send to the police. ;) What do you think? :)
. Sounds good to me. You'll just have to find whatever fits your needs/wants.
. I think that the siren/strobe is a great idea, but <heavy sigh> in today's society if you deafen and/or blind the intruder you may be legally liable. I'd keep the volume/brightness low enough to scare but not harm. Now if you could figure out a reliable way to kill the intruder, ... LOL
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