Scholarship dates change

I'm not official by any means, but I've been waiting like an impatient kid on Christmas morning for Saturday, which used to be the "notification by" date for the create scholarship contest. However, a look at the rules this morning says: "All submissions for this Scholarship sub-contest must be posted by June 30, 2007. No later than July 9th, 2007, scholarship winners will be notified by email." So they bumped the submission date back two days and gave themselves a week to think about it. I didn't see anything like this before, so I thought I'd let everyone else know (especially if you're like me and dying to know the results of the mini-contest.)

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pong10929 years ago
Are yall going to post all the winners? Obviously you will contact them privately but I didn't know if you would post them all or have them say if they won or not if they wanted to.
canida pong10929 years ago
We'll be posting the winners as soon as we finish the judging! Deep breaths.
aarone (author)  canida9 years ago
yes, but when will that be?! :)
early next week (noah said so)
"Expect to hear something back from us about the contest early next week."
aarone (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Yeah, I just read that. Sigh. This is like waiting for Christmas, seriously.
It's like waiting for my birthday (the 7th) ...you guys can contact me for my wish list/where to send gifts...
Make it easy on us. Where are you registered? Amazon? Target? BTW: W, I knew there was something I liked about you. A fellow moon child. It's my birthday too. Seriously. Really. Just send money and a robot.
BH, Where else?
aarone (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
What's BH?
BH photo video
...Not that I expect any of you to get me a present...
I like a person with reasonable expectations.
I think he was merely wondering whether or not you would post them in addition to emailing them...for people who didn't win to know who did. He's not just another anxious contestant (like me =D)
We're judging the Laser Cutter contest at the same time, so there's lots to do!
In the meantime, have you voted for your favorites in the Office Supplies Challenge? That may help distract you.
I voted for a couple..but to be honest, i'm not all that impressed by most of the instructables there.
Sounds like you should have posted a project, then!
I couldn't think of a good idea..and would NEVER post sub-standard content ;)
So, what topic should we use for our next speed contest?
trialex canida9 years ago
My suggestion would be "sandwiches" for the following reasons:

[1] They are reasonably universal
[2] They would work well in instructables format --> new ingredient = new step
[3] Photographing the process would be easy and appealing
[4] Cheap; you have to buy food any way
Well, not next, But next Nov I would like to do a contest involving finding a new use for corrogated plastic election signs. Not a speed contest tho. I saw some furniture that was inspiring. Maybe speed would be ok since Thanksgiving and Christmas could be a time management problem.
aarone (author)  canida9 years ago
I just had an idea. How about cool lampshades? It sounds dumb without further explanation, but an instructable to make a cool lamp shade of some sort seems cool to me. Something that refracts light, or gives it a different color, or concentrates it, or whatever. The only requirement is that it covers a standard 60W or 100W lightbulb.
or CFL or 40W
and isnt made of something that will ignite
hm...Brainstorm time! Art Coffee Clocks Patriotism Audio (microphones, speakers, etc) Cameras / Photography / Videography Making brainstorms appear to be triangles
I am just another anxious contestant but if I dont win i would really like to see who did just to see what projects i can look forward to reading
jeffreyf9 years ago
Hi All, Actually, I just wanted to give everyone at least one weekend day, as cutting it off on Thursday seemed a bit too harsh, and entries were still rolling in and people seemed pressed for time. As for pushing the notification date back, one of our judges is going to be difficult to reach next week due to the July 4th holiday, so I wanted to make sure I got his input.
We may be able to get notifications out before July 9th, btw. I just didn't want to promise it.
Gah! Darnnit. I've been just like you, counting the seconds down to the 30th. I think they got more ideas than than they expected, or something came up at squid labs?
aarone (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
I actually think that they wanted more ideas than they got, hence the reason for the extension for entries. The extension of the judging may just be a matter of making things easier on the people doing the judging. Previously they had essentially one day to make the decisions (Friday). Of course, these are just guesses.
I didn't think anyone else noticed this. I too cant wait for the results of the mini-contest. Break a leg everyone!