Okay so this is where you would come to get help on any type of Homework assignment.... Jump in and get all the answers you are looking for.

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mac9mac5 years ago
he mean this is wear you get all the answers for homework
blkhawk mac9mac5 years ago
I think you mean,

"he mean this is where wear you get all the answers for homework"

"[H]e mean[s] this is [where] you get all the answers [to your] homework[.]"
Captain Grammar to the rescue!
(cue heroic music) :-)
It depends on what he is wearing at the time ;-P
kelseymh5 years ago
The stock symbol for Alexander Nubia Intl. on the Frankfurt exchange.

(previous version deleted; inappropriate.)
blkhawk5 years ago
A trivia question: What is the word that it is pronounced and written the same way in 40 languages? I dare you to answer before I do in a few days.
Nope! Good one though!
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