School Website Ideas?

I'm part of a club at school, SECME (Science, Engineering, Computer, and Mathematics Enrichment). We do a lot of things like water bottle rockets, mousetrap cars, egg drop, website design, and more. I'm part of the webpage design team, and I need some page ideas for the website. So far I have the homepage, what we do at SECME at our school, pictures, videos, and external links. What else could I add to the website? There is a maximum of 10 pages. Thanks!

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schorhr9 years ago
Why is there a maximum of 10 pages?
BrianKT (author)  schorhr9 years ago
It is just part of the rules for the competition. There is a whole page of rules for each division.
Kiteman9 years ago
How about links to members' favourite projects?

Seriously - why not get members to join the site, post their projects here, and then use the school site to link to the projects?

On ten pages, you could fit a lot of thumbnails and descriptions.
wesie429 years ago
BrianKT (author)  wesie429 years ago
Ah, bribery, eh? How about you tell me what you think, and if it is good, I'll vote for you, lol.
That is pretty cheap... Try having a page for events that you do, maybe? Say, if you participate in regional or state competitions, you could have a list of members who "placed" this year or last year, maybe a summary of the events, etc.
BrianKT (author)  Labot20019 years ago
I was planning to put things like that under what we do at SECME at our school.