School buses

Anything about school buses but no mean things.

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i like the blue one!
School abuses are terrible!
master key (author)  Molten Boron6 years ago
School buses not school abuses
I was hoping for at least a chuckle...
skunkbait7 years ago
Skoolies ROCK!!!
master key (author)  skunkbait6 years ago
What is the manufacturer of the yellow one and the red and white one?
The yellow is a Chevrolet, the other is a Ford.
master key (author)  skunkbait6 years ago
I mean the body like superior or thomas or blue bird,Am tran,ward.
I'm pretty sure it's Ward. I'll try to get a picture in the next couple of days. I've been so busy lately taht I've not been out to the buses in like a month. The kids are using one as a camper and the other for storage.
master key (author)  skunkbait6 years ago
What does the yellow one look like?
The yellow one is just a regular school bus. It has the words "School Bus" blacked out. On the inside, it's still got all the seats.
master key (author)  skunkbait6 years ago
Do you have a picture?
master key (author)  master key6 years ago
On the outside
You need a ramp out the back, Knight Rider style for bikes
I'm probably gonna go that route with the yellow one. It's still in regular trim, but I'm trying to find the time to "fix" it.
Nice! Will have to cruise through and check it out sometime...
Yep, come anytime. There's always room for more. My oldest boy is living in the old skoolie, at least for the summer. We have an old missionary friend visiting for a while , and my little cousin has been staying with us on and off for the last 5 months. So the house is a little crowded!
I'm gunning for a lower 48 roadtrip in a couple of years. I plan to hit every single state in the lower 48 in one summer. Fewer Hotels I have to stay at, the better :D
Awesome!! I envy you. I've seen about 40 of the lower forty-eight, but never had the time to do it in one road trip. You're welcome anytime. Also, I can definitely help with accomadations in MS, TN, NY, And probably NJ and NC.
SWEET. The big plan is to do it in the Corvette (TBP), gas is gonna SUCK...
I think skunkbait has a couple of them.
He's definitely got one at least.

master key (author)  lemonie7 years ago
that guy over there.
ll.13 lemonie7 years ago
....that sounds sinister
He does! There a photos around here somewhere.
Sunbanks7 years ago
I saw a schoolbus on the beach :D