School paper games

Hey! Can somebody please tell me how to make a good game that i can make at school so using paper and staionary for when I'm really bored in school.. I already know about the paper mini-golf and the paper tech deck and was wondering if you guys knew anymore??

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saturnv78907 years ago
Well this video changed my life, maybe it'll help you too!
paper football?
Oops, sorry, I posted and didn't see this the first time I read down *sigh*
Goodhart9 years ago
I suppose football is out ( a piece of paper folded down to a 2 inch strip, then folded into a triangle repeatedly until you reach the end and tuck that in), as field goal kicking can get "out of hand" sometimes....
rde9 years ago
you take a peice of paper and do a sort of shirards or what ever its called with it. the 'topic of guess' was mainly penises and wierd ceremonies.
chase!!11 years ago
Do you have another person to play with? If so, you could play a game that I can't remember the name of right now. Anyway, you set up a grid of dots (say, 8x8 or 10x10) and then each person draws a line connecting two dots, if you complete a square you write your initials in it and go again, the goal being to get the most squares with your initials in them. Hope my description made sense.
I think it's called "the dot game" that's what ive always heard
its called paddock and one person is supposed to start by writing 1 line then the other person wrights another line and just a_top dont make it so it looks like this |_ because the pther player would complete it and when you complete a square you write the letter of your 1st or last name in the square and each player has a different colour and plays up to 4 people .and also you can have a paper tech deck championship . follow these instructon to make the deck, fold a piece of paper line or normal in half horizontaly then in half again verticaly then horizontally then horizontally and sticky tape it then foow the top and bottem tips up 1cm then there you go
kerenel chase!!11 years ago
This game is really fun! :)
Back in like sixth grade, me and some kids used to draw a bull's eye on a piece of paper, then label each zone with increasing points. We would put the paper on the floor and take turns dropping our pencils from eye level, attempting to get the most points. We kept score on another piece of paper and whoever was ahead at the end of class got a cookie... not really. (the best part about this game is that it can be played without the teacher knowing it's going on) but there is one disadvantage; the game really works best in classrooms with carpet floors.
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