School supply sword!

Well, I'm thinking of posting another I'ble. This time it will be a fully functioning sword ( well, it is low quality, but you can get it to work ) made from school supplies I found at the bookstore. This is sort of like Pat sower's binder knife I'ble, where you can turn a school item into a weapon. ( But unlike that, the blade will be that long, metal yardstick ( sharpened ) ). It turned out pretty cool, and is pretty good for a weapon I make with school supplies, and is actually the only weapon made from school supplies I kept with me and not throw away after use. I managed to slice a watermelon in two with this, and I thought: Hey, this ain't bad for a weapon you make at school! In fact it rules! So, is anybody interested in building a fully-functional sword out of school supplies? P.S: I know that it's low quality, but considering you can make it for about an hour or less with supplies that only cost you 5 $, this is pretty cool.

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DJ Radio9 years ago
going what?
to do this:
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REA DJ Radio8 years ago
on the guitar hero forums, its called an irongobbo (named after the first person to do it). i did it to the offbeat section a while back.
LOL! I see...
mbudde9 years ago
Do it. Soon. Please. With sprinkles on top.
Camisado (author)  mbudde9 years ago
Sure. Pics will be delivered later!
mbudde Camisado9 years ago
there's something deeply wrong with this... Wait, I frequently sent blasts of flames across the class, or failing that crude darts that could stick concrete... Nice going, I guess...
Camisado (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Meh, you're not the only one..... most of us all do. Thanks for commenting.
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