Sci-Fi Airshow

Loving the pictures from this Sci-Fi Airshow. If only I also had the chance to touch history like the people in these pictures.

Sci-Fi Airshow
via adafruit

Picture of Sci-Fi Airshow
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PKM7 years ago
Hmmm... scale replicas of sci fi spacecraft, win. Is it really an "airshow", though? Do any of them fly?

(Though I guess most of the things you see at a regular airshow are grounded and there are only a few actual flights- I'd forgive them if they had a working one of these...)

Kiteman PKM7 years ago
Of course they fly - look at this Hawk taking off:
space 1999 hawk.jpg
...photoshop... or some 3d software program
No, it's real
what makes you think its real? there is only one vertical takeoff jet type that exists
It has to be real. All 1970s Space dramas have to be real, or my childhood means nothing...
fungus amungus (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Yes, that stuff was science faction.
2001 was a documentary.  So was Silent RunningTomorrow People was a fly-on-the-wall series...
PKM Kiteman7 years ago
But Star Wars is a historical documentary of doubtful accuracy- when the controversy between the rival groups of academics disputing the factual accuracy makes a splash in the tabloids it'll probably be called "Stargate". 

Then there wil be a charity walk (or "Trek") to raise awareness of Star issues... it's messy...
Isn't it fun when the newbie just doesn't get it?
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