SciFi Essay Topics - Any Ideas?

For school, I have to write a 6-8 page essay, double spaced, about a chose topic. My teacher said we could pick our own, but she (a) has to approve of it, and (b) it has to be mysterious/unsolved/SciFi/urban legend/consipracy theory. Also, any suspicious crimes, like that concerning Lizzie Borden, are also accepted. My friend is writing of the Chupacabra. Does anyone have any ideas on some good topics, that I won't be straining to find info to write about, i.e., a topic with a ton of info, so much so that I have to condense it? I love the genre that my teacher gave, conspiracy theories, SciFi, and urban legends are my thing. I just can't think of any that would be worth writing so much about. Thanks, I appreciate it!

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Brennn1010 years ago
How about the belief in ghosts and spirits? Highly contested!
Goodhart Brennn1010 years ago
a contest ? where?

Seriously, here is one I find funny: DiHydrogen Monoxide: Ban this deadly substance
haha "DHMO withdrawal means certain death." "major component of acid rain" i wonder how many peopled believed that it was really dangerous and told thier friends about it... im going to start telling everyone the dangers of it.
It IS dangerous, you could drown in it, it can even be poisonous in too large a quantity Go HERE for info on water poisoning...
oh yes i know about all of those and how dangerous it can be. but i meant to the point of it being something completely different and trying to actually get it banned.
Yeah I know, I was kind of pulling your leg, playing along, only in the opposite direction ;-) Dangerous, yes; but necessary, of course. Without water, we wouldn't have life here. I have a printout of that I carry with me in my briefcase for emergencies. ;-)
VIRON Goodhart10 years ago
Ok, so there's this invention (field generating device) called AO, and it acts upon the earths magnetic field altering the Schumann Resonance, (which happens to coincide with Brain Wave Frequencies) and by this influence AO inhibits violent thoughts. World peace follows, a world-famous doctor named Mel discovers the fountain of youth, (which just so happens to be full of pure DiHydrogen Monoxide) and everyone lives happily ever after. This all happens in 2012 just as a nuke war seems imminent. A time traveler told me so. :)
Goodhart VIRON10 years ago
Here's a question to answer: How come almost all "aliens" appear to be humanoid in some fashion ? Is this some sort of pattern ?
Bran (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Not the ones from Independence Day. They were like squids, with tentacles on their face. Now, Signs, those were humanoid, and for that I dislike it. I don't think aliens, if they are out there, are humanoid. They are most likely a simple kind of life.
VIRON Bran10 years ago
In the USA, it is usually illegal for aliens to take human form. Animals are ok though as long as they come by themselves.
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