Science In Food

I love creating food its even more fun when science is involved. Anybody have some cool recipes to share?

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Goodhart5 years ago
Science in the "method of cooking" (here is what goes on physically and chemically when an EGG is heated to such and such a temp) or "demonstrating science" through shapes (microbiotic muffins, etc)?
I find this more amusing...


(Aaaa! - language!)
Tis obvious that his brain is just as fried as the egg.....
It makes a person think though; that's your thought, so something was achieved.

Yeah, it made me come to the conclusion that he didn't think it through LOL Sure, kids have a "fun time" with the choking game, until someone dies. The only thoughts it spurs in me is; if you need outside help to have a good time, alcohol or otherwise, you aren't very secure with your own personage ;-) He needs some self esteem :-)
Hmm, makes me think of Demon Days (numb yourself with drugs and TV)

What's a TV? OH that box my wife sits in front of that I pay $80 a month to have in the living room....that I get to see pictures on it every now and then.....
: )
Honestly, I feel pain constantly, all day, but I have no "need" to numb myself from "experiencing" this or any other part of life :-)
FlatLinerMEDIC (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Wow. Ive seen car accidents, decapitated limbs due to drugs but no reference to food. I LOVE IT!
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