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Hey! Is anyone here in the Science Olympiad club in their school? If so, post about your Scrambler, Robot Ramble, or Sumo Bot!

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ledzep5678 years ago
anyone in junkyard challenge? this year was my first, i placed bronze in Junkyard Challenge, Experimental Design and Flying bird. would have won Eggonaut but our rocket got stuck in a tree, by the time it was attacked by that liveoak it had already beat everyone elses time. we placed 4th overall and are going to state, looking forward to it.
This is my first year, our regionals are this thursday... I'm not part of the "team" because supposedly you can only register like 16 people (or some number like that) and people on the build team (like me) are considered disposable since you can just get some other person to launch a rocket or something like that. but I don't feel like leaving at 5am and getting back 11pm on a thursday...;
atleast prom isnt scheduled on the same day as competition lol, half our team is missing the awards ceremony to drive 2 hours to get back to wilmington in time for prom.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  ledzep5678 years ago
We just got back from states! (I'm no longer competing, but I still go to competitions to cheer 'em on!) We got 6th overall, and had tons of medals - I think next year we can make nationals!
I love how only half of the people are going to prom :P
hsearchp9 years ago
so i am waiting for an answer about making the scrambler move with a falling mass? I am using a 2kg weight dropped with a string making the vehicle move forward.
T3h_Muffinator (author)  hsearchp9 years ago
There are two good ways to do this - but isn't regionals coming up (FAST?!) I'm sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, I've been busy as heck! So, if you want to use a string, I'd do something like the picture I've included. The circles are wheels/pulleys. The red line is a string The green is the car, and make sure that the string can release from that back catch on the car. The blue is the mass. Have fun, and feel free to change plans as much as you'd like!
march 8 looking at your design, am i to assume that the car basically rockets out of a starting block? what is the second way?
Lostkid10 years ago
So... im in scrambler this year. Basic rules(in case they've changed) >must be a wheeled vehicle >must be propelled by a falling mass >must go for 8-12 meters and then stop before it hits a wall while getting as close as possible. >Must be able to fit in a .75 meter cube That last rule is where i'm running into problems. To go 10 meters the string has to be quite long(our system is a string wrapped around the rear axle that is unrolled by a weight falling from a pulley the string is strung through). A tower of that height would almost double the size requirement. So...any ideas?
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Lostkid10 years ago
I've got ideas!

Perhaps think of another way that a falling mass can propel a car, other than pulling a string wrapped around its axle. Remember, the mass doesn't have to stay with the car ;)

(If you're having trouble, I'll give you more clues, I just want you to figure it out.)


P.S. Division B, right?
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