Scientists Snack on Giant Squid

Recently scientists in middle-earth have admitted to snacking on a colossal squid being stored at their lab, while working on defrosting another giant squid.

Mark Fenwick says that "It was almost like a tua tua, you know a cockle. It was very nice. It left a real taste in your mouth and stayed for quite a while,"

(They say that they were checking for ammonia, but I suspect they just love the taste of cockle.)

Remind me never to be a giant squid.


Picture of Scientists Snack on Giant Squid
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BTW that is the beak not the eye i know more about squid than u noobs
westfw9 years ago
I'm not sure that "it left a real taste in your mouth that stayed for quite a while" is a description that I'd put in the "good" category! Never had cockle, either.
That's true. That makes it sound disgusting. :/
Hmm, I bet it would be a tough ole bugger. I know lobster gets tough if it is too "old" :-)
How dare they!!! giant squid are mah favorite animal and theyt were working with steve o shea!!!"
Kaiven9 years ago
not to be mean, but send it to africa for all the children.
Patrik Kaiven9 years ago
Are you kidding? This is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime scientific opportunity, and even if you sent it to Africa, it would be rotten by the time it got there!

What if this was an intact frozen dinosaur, caught in the antarctic ice? Let's grind it down into burger patties to feed to the homeless?

Quick, somebody send the Mona Lisa to Burma - I hear they're badly in need of roofing material...
Kaiven Patrik9 years ago
hahaha, thanks for the comment, im happy now.
im listening to this xD listen carefully, its sooo funny _
Kiteman9 years ago
They took the eyes out - they're huge, 25cm across. (Photo of parts of lens)

Eye story

Colossal Squid Blog

Colossal Squid Fact sheet
Crakur Kiteman9 years ago
OMG the lenses look like rocks!!
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