Scissor Lifts

Hey guys. I need to build a scissor lift that can fit an 18"x18" frame, and rise up to at least 4 feet. It needs to be very sturdy and stable, but I have no idea where to begin. Please help me out!

Toga_Dan4 years ago
google images yeilds a lot. you can scale down a larger item, for instance.
How much weight are we talking about here?
bosmanr4 years ago
caitlinsdad5 years ago
You could go do the complex mathematical engineering analysis of it or just get a bunch of paint stirrer sticks and paper fasteners. Drill holes and mock up a scissor lift. Within the confined space, you may need to make it a multistage or multilayered X cross members to get that height. Just look at images of scissor lifts to see where you need to attach the pivot points and where you want to push to activate the lift. Good luck.