Scoreboard popover survey is obnoxious

Title says it all:  I am a proud pro member of ibles because I want to support the community, and I genuinely hate obtrusive ads.  I can understand that ibles wants site feedback, but popovers (flash or javascript animated boxes that pop into a webpage over its content) are just annoying when the same could be accomplished with an inline tasteful banner.

Whenever I'm just surfing/stumbling a site, I INSTANTLY move on to greener pastures when these obnoxious intrusions pop over the content, regardless of what they ask or tell:  confirm your age, would you like to participate in a survey, subscribe to our newsletter, etc...  I don't know about others, but popups are the downfall of a quality content site.

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canida6 years ago
We don't allow popovers, so anyone doing this is violating our ad terms.
I don't suppose you've got a screenshot? That, or more info about the co's name, would help me track it down and squash it.
frollard (author)  canida6 years ago
It was a survey request from a company called 'scoreboard' - sorry I didn't take a screenie...

It flew in from the bottom of the page as some sort of javascript layover, and it made me die a little inside :)
WUVIE5 years ago
Ha! I was looking for a recipe for 'Popovers' when I came across this page.

LOL... maybe try "turnovers", that might yield better results. ;-)
frollard (author) 6 years ago
Happened again, Sept 25 2011

Tried to grab the source code but page mysteriously reloaded when I took the ss.
Here's the Scorecard research pop-up appearing yet again, this morning.
frollard (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Kiteman6 years ago

Are these geography-linked? I haven't seen them...
The scoreboard research one popped up on my work box on Sunday - that didn't run an ad blocker until then.
I couldn't agree more. I've taken to enabling Adblock on Instructables because I'm simply not willing to put up with this type of browser hijacking. Sorry, Robot, but I'm tired of the constant visual and auditory assault.
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