Scotts self propelled lawn mower help

I have a scotts self propelled lawn mower and it wont start. At first it didnt get a spark but then i got a new magneto and i got a spark. Even after I got a spark it wouldnt start. I know everythings working. (Well almost) I think its fine tuning the gas/air mix or theres water in the gas tank. If I try and its not any of those do you have any ideas? Or a manual online i can look at? Or a webpage i can find my answer on?

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escoseason5 years ago
the belt broke, the piece that holds it seems to pop off? what do i do?
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Have you verified that you have a good spark? Remove the plug, reattach the wire, lay the plug so the metal part of the plug touches the engine, turn the engine over. Want a blue to white spark, but with the engine turning slowly it may only be a bright orange. . Do you have compression? If no compression, look at the reed valve if it's a two-stroke. . If you have spark and compression, all that's left is air/fuel. Carb may be gummed up.
Big Bwana8 years ago
fuel filters are common problems, and so are Air filters, plugged exhaust / muffler / spark arrestor, Make sure you have drained the tank of all fuel and refill it with new (( not last years gas thats sat in a jerry can, even with all the fuel additives, it can create real problems with small engines, just use it to start a fire with or mix it in a larger batch of new fuel and use it)) And before you play with a the HI / LOW / IDLE settings mark them so you know where they are set to.. adjusting those settings can really affect how a engine runs / doesn't run and may even affect EPA regs (( I don't know where you live and what laws affect you )) It might also be a damaged / hardened diaphragm, or junk in the carb, Common problem if you don't drain or run all of the fuel out of it in fall....... And the gasket on the carb bowl might be leaking air .....
deansep (author) 8 years ago
That will work for all types of lawn mower repairs/installation/starting/etc...
deansep (author) 8 years ago
I found out what I think the problem is and I think its the carborator. If any one has the same problem they can just follow this . If it wasnt the problem I will update.