Scrap Metal and Coal/Charcoal

Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone in the Hollywood-Miramar-Pembroke Pines area of Florida USA has any old scrap iron, steel, charcoal, or coal they do not want and would be kind enough to offer it to me for free or for a reasonable price. I am doing blacksmith work so it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Things wanted: Bolts, car springs, brake drums, any kind of bar (round, flat, square, hexagonal, octagonal, etc.) lump charcoal, any large chunks of steel to be used as anvils, any old blacksmith tools such as hammers, etc.... anything donated is appreciated. Thanks again!

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Danielro108 years ago
if you need charcoal, get your self a 55 gallon barrel with a removeable lid, put some holes in the bottom, fill it full of small peices of wood, lite it up and wait for it to burn down to charcoal..... then put the lid on top and wait 3 or 4 hours, it makes good charcoal with out the mess!
Pardon for sounding ignorant if this isn't right but isn't there a distinct difference between coal/coke and charcoal? Though both applicable to forging techniques, Coal and left over coke burn considerably hotter then charcoal equaling less trips back to the fire. Amirite?
erm... no. it doesnt mean less trips back to the fire because ur suposed to start hitting the mettal at a specific temp. (okay, not too specific, just not too hot and definantly not to low) and it takes exactly the same amount of time for the metal to cool for when u need to heat it up. what you will save is time IN the fire. colder fire equals more time heating and less time smithing..... whereas a hotter fire heats quicker (obviously)
thoraxe (author)  Danielro108 years ago
yeah i did that method on a small scale with a large cookie tin, but since i am 14 i'm not open to many resources yet.
might i recomend abbandonned junk yard , junk yard and a thrash beach you should find metal at the yard and tons of randomjunk at the beach and you help the enviorment :) :> the birds and lizards thank you if you do this <:<<<<<<>snake
Goodhart8 years ago
Despite my living in a coal region, it is getting harder and harder to find good clean soft coal and coke anymore *sigh*
They sell coal/coke on
At the time I was getting hard to find good clean soft coal, I had to sell my forge and first wife was a bit high maintenance
Ph3nomin0n9 years ago
Only place I can think of is Big A Auto Salvage. Im pretty sure hes nice enough to let you rummage for scrap metal heres the address: 2200 S.W. 56th Ave. Hollywood, FL 33023 but give him a call anyways (954) 989 - 1081