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ok, I've seen this before, its like a screenshot of your entire computer screen but so you can go in and type stuff and it will record what you do. like in a video format, any ideas how you can do this?

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well it takes a couple of hours to research and find one you like. I recommend the avs 4 u editor. because not only can you record the screen and audio for free (no ads) you can edit but wait, theirs more (always wanted to say that) you can also edit any video files from your computer or camera. If your using a windows computer in the start menu there is a program called snipping tool and you can use that as a screen snapshot thingy. so look into avs. If you don't like it there is the Microsoft expression encoder and recorder (record screen and edit) but you can't record audio and screen at the same time. so these are just oppinoins and if you don't like your one tough costumer and your going have to research your self. hope this helps! cheers!

Wow, how did you find a 6 year old topic for a reply?
Better late than never.

Today a simple Google search will fix the problem, 6 years ago those progams were a bit rare and hard to find.

jgreen713 years ago

I think you are talking about a screen
recorder. I used to employ Screenr to record my actions on the screen. It is a
free online application, which saves my PC’s space. However, it only allows me
to record up to 5 minutes. Later, I accidentally got to know some other more
powerful Screenr alternatives which make it really easy for me to record anything on the

Labot20019 years ago
I believe what you are looking for is called a screen recorder.

Start here.
That's how I make all my LineRider videos...
Frekkin' sweet, labot. Although, a google search brought those up for me a while ago...