Sculpture contest- Win a patch!

Sculpture contest.

A simple contest where you have to make a sculpture, out of anything; Bottles, paper, card, metal, plumbing parts, sand, knex, lego, or pretty much ANYTHING you can find!

Like I said above, you can make you're sculpture out of anything you can find really, and it can be big or small. Come on, have a go! It'll be fun! You could even win a patch! :-)

Some rules:

  1. Must be a sculpture (Duhh!)
  2. Can be made out of anything
  3. Can be however big or small as you want
  4. You're sculpture must be entered by 7 Febuary 2010 (Thats 2 weeks to complete it)
  5. Must have been made AFTER the start of this contest
There are some examples of sculptures below, some made out of household junk, others made out of highly priced steel other highly priced stuff :-P

So, are you going to enter? Of course you are! Woo! Then get crackin' on your sculptures!

Picture of Sculpture contest- Win a patch!
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Vynash7 years ago
I'm in!
Hiyadudez (author)  Vynash7 years ago
Hiyadudez (author)  Vynash7 years ago
Sorry!!! I have totally forgoten about this!!!!

I think ima have to pass, way too busy sorry
Oblivitus7 years ago
Here's my entry. It's a big ball made out of sheet rock tape, tape, and staples. The ball is made with a repeating pattern. Every piece is the same length and and shape. It's hollow but the structure pushes outwards so it doesn't collapse. The second picture shows the repeated form.
PICT0001 edit.JPGrepeated form.JPG
i might give it a go!
Hiyadudez (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox7 years ago
Cool! Can't wait!
Gjdj37 years ago
Sounds cool! If I get my homework done early today I'll try to make something.
Hiyadudez (author)  Gjdj37 years ago
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