Sea urchins inspire pencil-tip sculptures

Sculptor Jen Maestre's super-cool sculptures reportedly were initially inspired by sea urchins. The artist takes colored pencis, saws the sharpened tips off, and drills a hole through each one individually so they can be stitched together. Talk about dangerous art!

'''Link''' via the Daily Mail

Picture of Sea urchins inspire pencil-tip sculptures
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arylic8 years ago
Hey this is a master piece. i wanna have something like that in my living room. How much would it cost ?
Lithium Rain (author)  arylic8 years ago
Run you 3-5 thousand USD, according to the article. If you are seriously interesting in purchasing a piece I suggest you contact the artist directly. :)
i really want one, but i hope he can do special odders, because i want one custom made ( A sculpture of my dogs). I am willing to pay 5 k for it.
Lithium Rain (author)  arylic8 years ago
FYI: he is actually a she.

And idk if she would do that, you'd have to contact her directly.
Ok, i contacted her she agreed to do it from me. But she is asking for 7 grand. Should i buy it ?
Kiteman arylic8 years ago
(You do know she means US$, don't you?)
arylic Kiteman8 years ago
Yes,...i do. Around 14 grand Fiji dollars is too much for that....Ill use it on something good.
jeff-o arylic8 years ago
If you can't think of something better to do with your 7 grand, then yes.
arylic jeff-o8 years ago
I really love it but i think 7 grand is too much for a simple art.
jeff-o arylic8 years ago
Well in that case, tell her that 5 grand (or whatever price is your maximum) is all you care to spend, and she can accept it or not. You're the one with the money here, so you're in control.
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