Sear Systems

I am just wondering, what are the advantages of sear systems? nightfox only said that they have superior advantages to block triggers. So what are they? Pic is the M4 carbine made by nightfox

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Lowney8 years ago
Are there any SMALL sears guns out there? I know it would be hard but just wondering
DJ Radio Lowney8 years ago
Bballkidx made 2 sear system pistols. One of them even has a safety.
Lowney DJ Radio8 years ago
Ah wicked I'll check them out
DJ Radio9 years ago
I can only think of 2 disadvantages-very rare, and not that reliable
wow, I proved my own statement wrong.
Der Bradly (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago

And After EXACTLY two months
Yeah, they are good.....I used one on my Steyr Aug A1, and it worked better than any block trigger I tried.
Der Bradly (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
Very rare is not a disadvatage, and from what i've heard if you make a sear system correctly it is extremly reliible
There are limited options for sear systems at the moment, making it hard to find a decent one. True, but not even mepain can do a perfect job on the sear system. It takes a lucky design to do that....
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