See the Classes you are enrolled in

You should be able to see which classes you have enrolled in!. It doesn't seem as though there is a way to do this.

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JulesK61 year ago

Hi guys, I have the same problem. I don't see the classes I'm enrolled in. I looked in my profile but nothing...

Did you read the comments below?

Yes. But I found the way to see them, here The problem is it is not in my profile, I have to compose this link myself. But it's ok.

What is't in your profile? The classes? The link?

Click on yourself from the comment that you posted. Now you can bookmark it to your browser if you'd like...

that's what I did but it is not very convenient.. Anyway, thanks

Do you have an idea for making it more convenient? Post it here! :)

You can see what classes you are enrolled in on your profile: Looks like you are enrolled in the LEDs and Lighting and 3D Printing classes.

awsnap (author)  tomatoskins1 year ago

you have to go and view your own profile...because you always do that.

What's wrong with doing that?

Caddaric1 year ago

Same here, I clicked everywhere and can't find my enrollments.. :(

What are the steps to find them by myself?

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