Seed Bomb Vending Machine

Seed bombs are little balls of clay, compost, and seeds that you can toss into a vacant lot to try and get some new plants to grow. It's a guerrilla gardening technique and you can see how to make one here. If you just want to pick one up and live in San Francisco you can now buy them from a vending machine. These were designed by Common Studio from LA and repurpose old gumball machines with the benefits going to Project H Design.

First Seedbomb Vending Machine Lands in San Francisco!

Picture of Seed Bomb Vending Machine
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ilpug2 years ago

This is interesting, but I'm not sure of the effectiveness. First and foremost, what plant do these grow? Secondly, how does one measure the impact of these? Is there a cost-benefit angle here, or is it just a way to make 50 cents off hipsters who wanna diminish the establishment with minimal effort?

texrat ilpug1 year ago

Why the cynicism? Seed bombs can be highly effective; they're an old, well-proven planting technique. As for plant type, that's entirely dependent on the maker. These dispensers offer a way for everyday people to immediately and easily engage with their environment.

this is brilliant, there should be many of these everywhere in the country.

McMoogie7 years ago
 This is incredible.  I'm in the metropolian Chicago area and we sure could use some seed bombs.  This reminds me of the People's Park in San Francisco in the 60's.
Only good can come of this :D
fungus amungus (author)  McMoogie7 years ago
You mean the People's Park in Berkeley? I live just over a mile from there and run past it often.
He was there. He couldn't remember it.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Wow! That's the Model Super 60 "bubblegum machines" I used to make back in the 1970s. Talk about a flashback!
You made these?
Most of the ones I helped make were red or yellow and they are probably worn out after almost 40 years. It doesn't look like they've changed the design over the years.
I remember they used to take a penny or a nickel.  I think the machines only take multiple quarters now.
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