Hey guys, finally a different question today. I'm trying to get some seeds sprouting and I put them in paper towel (wet of course) and they've been in there for a few days and still nothing. Are they duds? Sorry for the confusion everyone, I'm not growing weed (right now), these are seeds from a really hot pepper that my cousine grows in his garden down in the states.

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Punkguyta (author) 10 years ago
Two weeks? My neighbour grew some a month ago or something and in a week he had them sprouting out of the soil.
Patrik Punkguyta10 years ago
Ain't Google great? Here's some of the hits I got for sprouting pepper seeds:

Bell Pepper Seed Saving Question

Starting Hot Pepper Plants From Seed

[Pepper Seed Starting Tips

Overall, it seems like pepper seeds can be finicky and slow - they'll take at least a week, and some much longer. Warmer temperatures are a must.

Do a bit of research if you are planning to eat these as sprouts - peppers are part of the nightshade family, and parts of the plant may be poisonous. Dunno if the sprouts are edible or not.

If you're sprouting these for planting, use soil instead of a paper towel, and follow the instructions in some of the links above...
Punkguyta (author)  Patrik10 years ago
Okay thanks Pat, I'm gonna give it a couple more days, and if not I might try planting a couple of them, but throw the rest out.
Goodhart10 years ago
dandelions maybe ?
Punkguyta (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
no, look above.
Oh, ok, which kind ? Ornamental, sweet bell, jalapeno ? Are you planning on keeping them in pots, or getting them outside or into a greenhouse ? I am just curious; not that this has anything to do with sprouting them....
Goodhart Goodhart10 years ago
Well, what kind they are does.....
Punkguyta (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Just gonna keep em in my room with light on them for 18-20 hours a day
Well, regular "bell" pepper plants get rather large. If it is an ornamental plant, they are easily confined to a normal sized pot. I have grown Jalapeno and Habernaro peppers in pots already, but outside on the porch during the summer. The only time I ever tried to sprout seeds (other than plant them directly) was when I had some left over from the year before, and I wanted to make sure they were going to grow (older seeds tend to give a lower yield).
Kiteman10 years ago
What kind of seeds? Cress and mustard only take a day or three to germinate, but some seeds need to sit in the ground for months.
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