Seeing Auras & Ghosts

I have posted this on other forums without much response. Since some of the best minds use this site, I should get a lively response. Friday, on a TV show called 20/20, they interview some kids that said they see auras and spirits. Do any of you know people who can do that? I have tried to see or photograph auras without success. It seems that these things may be visible either in the ultraviolet or far infrared and require someone with eyes that are more sensitive to these wavelengths. Young kids would be better at that. Infrared and ultraviolet light (UV) are in our environment, even though we can't see it. You would expect that different people would look different under UV, just as they do under visible light. Additionally, some things show fluorescence under UV. Perhaps auras are differing fluorescence by individuals as seen by those with extended visual response. It might be interesting to look at various people under just UV or just infrared (perhaps using night goggles) and note the observations. It would be interesting to have someone view auras through various filters to see how the auras change. Are auras affected by magnetic fields? Would smoke in the air have an effect? Does the aura look better with a dark background? Does getting drunk help? Ghosts are probably more difficult. It is to be expected that God doesn't want us asking them sensitive questions (like "Where's Heaven?"). ~Bob~

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Goodhart8 years ago
You are familiar with the effect that a certain wavelength of IR light has on the surroundings I suppose (the ripple of sunlight you see above some hot roads, or the darkened shadow or water-like apparitions that can appear in certain circumstances)?

Bent light can have some very interesting effects on what is perceived.
Thems mirages - it's air-lensing / refraction of visible light.

Exactly !!!! I have experienced to very strange low light situations occurring where there is weird heating/cooling concerns creating a ghost effect
Mmmm - dusk / dawn sort of low light? L
shadowed areas of homes, especially damp, or semi-dark areas of the basement or other castle-like conditions, the opposite but same effect in attics and crawl spaces. And yeah, they tend to happen at dusk or dawn.
Mmm, I still haven't been in the roof-space yet.... L
In the house I grew up in, it wasn't very big, and the insulation was on the floor of the space / attic. Thus it was VERY hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, with a different temp seeping slowly up between the insulation. If one didn't faint in the summer, it sometimes looked very odd up there.
lemonie8 years ago
Have a good pillow fight - get someone to take flash photographs - it's a great way of getting "orbs". I don't know why but "orbs" seem to love pillow-fights....

(You're aware of Kirlian photography?)


ShutterBugger (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I have read about Kirlian photography, but haven't tried it yet. Perhaps I could hook up my girlfriend to the tesla coil and photograph her in a dark room :-). ~Bob~
That sounds like something best left as a thought. :) L
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