Seeking neon light transformer

Hi all: anyone know where i can purchase a second hand neon light transformer around 8-10kv.I'm in Sth Akl. Any help would be fantastic.Thanks,Terry

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Goodhart6 years ago
You might be able to find one at AllElectronics....

or at the Electronic Goldmine.....

or maybe at The American Science & Surplus stores....

Good luck,  there are a lot of other places out there too....'

For instance........
tezza1 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Hi there goodhart: Thanks heaps for your reply to my question & your help is very much appreciated but unfortunately i forgot to mention that i'm in Sth Akl (New Zealand) sorry. But thanks again.
Goodhart tezza16 years ago
Ok, I hadn't checked if they shipped outside the USA or not (some people on eBay - my last link - do), sorry.
tezza1 (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Hey Goodhart: got one from ebay 9kv with free shipping thanks heaps for your advice & good luck with your future projects. tezza1
Goodhart tezza16 years ago
You are most welcome :-)