Selected for inclusion in eBook?

I just got an email saying that one of my instructables (which one?) was selected for inclusion in an eBook. Is this legit? Can someone take our instructables, resell them, and make money off of our ideas? Or are the eBooks for free? If they are not free, then where is my cut?

It appears to be an automatic opt-in deal, because is says, "If you don't want to be included for any reason, please write back and let us know by Dec. 9. "

Am I being overly cautious? Has anyone seen this offer before? Or am I the last one to know?

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Kiteman7 years ago
If they are not distributing the eBook for free, then they are breaking the terms of the licence under which you published your project.

Can you post a link or email address for others to see? (Not your email, theirs).

BTW it's scooch who sent out the message.
There's an Instructables eBook happening?

Details, man, give us details!

mmm, I'm not sure I'm supposed to talk about it. And I just got the same email he did.
> Dashes off to check inbox <

.... :-(


Aww, thanks.

Have you had an email?

apparently, there are more than one ebook, because I got an email and hammers project is not in it.
I have been... hearing things. I may have to start a dedicated topic.
Those are just the voices in your head, Kiteman. Don't pay attention to them.

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