Selling Things at School

So my school is having a fair, where we can sell anything we want. Any ideas? It needs to be able to be sold from 5-10 dollars.

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Batryn (author) 8 years ago
Anything else? Maybe school supplies/electronics...
you can sell pen guns every one loves shooting them aroud when the teach is not looking or make some wallets

Some schools you cant sell them In there, some have safety rules and very strict.

i went to jail for that lol!!
REESE51222 years ago

you could sell plushies

things like home made cookies, pie, candies always are a good idea.

for scrap.

make some funny (useless) things.

When I was younger, I use to sell candy. Mostly snickers, m&ms' just anything I knew for sure the cafeteria didn't have or anyone else was selling. I know it won't be 5-10 each but with enough buys you'll get there.

I also had a school market. We set up a selfie photoshoot. We also did a raffle with M&M's and sold ice-creams. This didn't take a lot of time and it did not have many costs but our profit was huge! Good luck

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