Selling my PSP and PS2

hey im about to sell my PSP with Socam, ATV offroad fury, and UMD movie lords of dog town. i am also going yo sell my PS2 with like about 35 games: Guitar hero 2 Star wars battlefront 1&2 MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!! i also have a rumble wheel and 2 FPS controllers. im wondering how much should i be expecting for these items?

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around $400-$430
guyfrom7up9 years ago
Don't you want to play crisis core?
Azn Hitman (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
ummm what is that?
the new final fantasy game for PSP It's kinda like FF7, you're zack (not gunna ruin ff7 for you that hasn't played it) and the fighting style is different.
Azn Hitman (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
ohhhhhh i dont play video games alot anymore. never been much of a fan of FF.
They didn't give it very good remarks on X-play. But then again, X-play isn't very reliable. Play crisis core.
i think it's pretty good
Yeah. I still gotta remove X-play from my DVR. It records every day...
It fills my memory.
Doctor What9 years ago
Don't go all stupid like I did with my PS2. I sold it for forty bucks. But like I've mentioned before, it's actually still a hot market for PS2s, and they are still selling more than the 360 on a month to month basis, and still selling more than the PS3. Not sure on the PSP though. You oculd try going on ebay and looking at some of the prices of used handhelds.
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