Selling my knex

Right, so here it is. Im selling my knex, but i was first thinking of my fellow iblers, so im going to tell you all. So anyway, i dont know exactly how much knex ive got, but i have quite a bit.

And ALOT of my pieces are broken, so what Id do is seperate the broken from the non broken, and sell the broken one along with the unbroken ones, but obviously, say if it was 1500 broken pieces, id sell em like £5 more? Thats pretty fair, cause you can still use them.

But i was just wondering if anyone was interested in buying? But if you want to buy just the non broken knex, just tell me.

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~KGB~6 years ago
Why leave when innovation is boosting up again?
Hiyadudez (author)  ~KGB~6 years ago
Cause i dont like knex anymore, Ive moved on.
Save it for your childrens.
Best idea.
It's a shame really, my dad is quite traditional, so is reluctant to let me throw anything ors ell anything. Most kids these days are brought up in a world that revolves around disposal, people are too materialistic.
I think its a smart way of thinking :-D
~KGB~ Hiyadudez6 years ago
He's moved on to making videos on youtube, surely you know that, oh, wait you don't because he never told us did he?
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