Semi Autos (Face the Truth)

Semi auto guns are very cool. I agree but we have to face the facts. The way a real gun works is the pin hit the primer on the bullet igniting the powder and the extra gas is used to release the shell and load another bullet. How can we replicate this powerfully. Even today real bolt action guns are more powerful than semi autos. I am afraid to say that is just isn't practical to make that out of knex.

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Superpoopa7 years ago
instead of gun powder you can also put caps from a cap gun
DrWeird1179 years ago
No. Ooda's.
agreed i think the same so why not add blastics? well if your not i am. you can buy one type of firecracker thin enough to fit in a knex barrel. some pyros know them as sinkers for there ability stay lit and explode in water. this design is coming soon so watch for it!
I'm not sure if that is safe...
TigerNod8 years ago
That it is not practical is true. But we still use it because it looks so awesome!
TheDunkis9 years ago
well someone else finally relises this too. i was just telling someone that making a practical semi auto gun from knex is near imposible. so unless we decided to load gun powder into our knex guns we can kiss this idea good bye. I still don't find it a bad idea to find different ways to make a gun cool.
yeah! lets melt our guns.... or not
yea.... slides and pumps all the way!
DrWeird1179 years ago
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