Semi auto

OK my Dad took a hand-gun safety coarse and he got to use a Semi Auto, He learned how it was semi auto. when you cock it once it loads a bullet and the firing pin is pulled back. Bang you fire! the the recoil from the gun re-cockes the gun!and you fire and so on!

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bedbugg29 years ago
yes,there are many ways, but none can be replicated in knex, apart from the design i invented there is no way of making a knex gass blowback
Your gun is not semi auto.
you might want to edit this wikipedia page cause it doesnt say that a semi automatic is only a semi automatic when it uses a different system...
I'll say it again, your gun is not semi auto. It is several single shot mechanisms stuck together.
im just saying you might want to edit that wikipedia page...
First line in the page: "A semi-automatic firearm is a gun that requires only a trigger pull for each round that is fired" Your gun also requires you to pull back a rubber band for each shot. You might want to edit that page yourself if you want your argument to stand valid.
u pull the bands back before hand, it gets to a point where all u got to do is pull the trigger to get it to fire
If that were the case, then all those "double barrel" block trigger guns would be considered semi auto.
no but by pulling back the bands its like you are loading a clip
Your method is more like welding 10 normal pistols together, cocking them all, and calling it semi auto
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