Send power wirelessly?

Is it possible to send power wirelessly? If it is, could someone tell me how to do it? I want to mod my wirelessly Xbox 360 controller so that it wouldn't need batteries. Thanks

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PKM9 years ago
You can do it at reasonable efficiency at a distance of a couple of centimetres, or less. This is mostly used for recharging things without having a plug with electrical contacts. You can transfer power at something like 25% efficiency across a distance comparable to the size of the transmitter/receiver, so for an XBox controller about 10 or 15 cm. There is current research in extending that limit to perhaps 2 or 3 times the size of the transmitter/receiver, again at a fairly poor efficiency. Some people claim Nikola Tesla could wirelessly transmit power a long distance, but some people claim a lot of things. If he could, we don't know how.
I remember some theories about ionised air being used as a conductor, that seemed promising...
Triblade101 (author)  PKM9 years ago
Thanks for all the help everyone, but considering i only understand like 80% of everything being said, i think I'll stick to my play and charge kit. Some day i might look more into this would make a good project for school. :P
lemonie10 years ago
Er, microwaves. Microwaves are used for long distance communication, all you need is a transmitter & receiver. You'de probably want to stay out of the way though... You can also use radio, but you need a powerful transmitter and tuned kit. There are articles on the internet but I'm not looking. L
I don't remember the name of the N. Tesla project, but he found a mean to produce wireless energy ... his project has been canceled because it was almost impossible to bill consumers ... I wonder if his project was seriously conceivable in a modern society like ours, where every house is equiped of more than one light-bulb ...
That was the Wardenclyffe Tower ( ).

They wanted to use it for long distance communications, and as wireless source of energy.
and stream music,news,power and something else cant remember
Oh yes, I had come across that before, thanks for reminding me. L
Er, think it was short-range induction. Think I saw a photo of him holding a light bulb, the big transmitter being behind him, probably concealed. L
I have a feeling that the billing wasn't the only reason it was canceled. Or, maybe it wasn't finished and they realized the billing partway into it.
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