Serious Notice guys n gals concerning me.......

Hey, just wanted to let you all know (so, maybe I put this in the wrong forum) that I am up this early in the morning ( 6:30 am ) because I have to go to the hospital for a complete cardiac / pulmonary workup and battery of tests. Yeah, getting older stinks, especially if you let you physically self atrophy.

Anyway, just wanted you all to know, in case you don't see me for a few days or longer (the tests only last about 4 hours or so, but they could potentially bring on cardiac arrest, or trigger a severe asthma attack, depending on the kind of shape I am in ( it is kind of a pregnant pear shape actually ).

See you all when I am back from the hospital....

I have a lowered amount of blood flow to my heart. What this means is that I am a borderline heart attack candidate if it gets any worse. Cholesterol was a little high, triglycerides way high.
I will find out details on Friday I suppose when we discuss options...

Addendum 2: The pulmonary tests ( 05/21/2008 ) were horrible, but there doesn't seem to be anything overly wrong that is obvious to the tech, with my lungs.....will have to wait for the doc's report though

Addendum 3: Well, I am afraid things have progressed to the next step... I have to have a heart cauterization to see what may be blocking the lower artery, and how bad the blockage is. If not too bad, they will simply do a quick angioplasty and open it up, but if bad, I will then be scheduled for a bypass. *sigh* as we age the fun just never ends, eh ?

Addendum 4: It will not be THIS coming week, but most likely next week, they will do the double bypass. Because of the location of the blockage at a major branch which would end up cutting off flow to the other artery, they have decided I best have the bypass done.

PS: there was hardly ANY pain in the cath procedure.....I am going to give the person that told me that a hard time next time I see them :-) But I have experienced broken bones already, so I know the next step is not going go be a picnic.

Addendum 5:

I may be able to get the bypass done as early as Monday the 9th Yay !

Addendum 6:

I am now into my second week of recovery, and things are progressing so well, my wife is afraid I will want to go back to work early and she will be alone again.

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goeon9 years ago
get well soon!
Goodhart (author)  goeon9 years ago
Thanks....the operation was done June 9th, so I am nearly fully recovered from it. :-)
goeon Goodhart9 years ago
OH! So this is what's going on. I haven't been around much and I was wondering where you had went to. Now I now. I hope things have gone smoothly and you're recovering quickly. :)
Goodhart (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
Jessy, thank you, and yes things are improving very rapidly (now that I have gotten past that first week, which was horrible), on a daily basis.
Flumpkins9 years ago
I feel sorry for you... It's really amazing to see you're optimistic. Hope you get better. :-)
Goodhart (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
Don't feel sorry for me. It is amazing that I caught this before any damage was inflicted on the heart. It means that I will have a second chance to "eat right and exercise properly" rather then have heart disease when I am old and can't reverse it. Positive attitude goes a long way towards early healing and bouncing back from adversity .
...Still feel better soon though! :-)
Goodhart (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
Oh of course, I will try :-) Thank you.
westfw9 years ago
Good luck...
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