Serious SPAM issue

You've got a serious spammer or bot problem going on right now. There's a rediculous amount of posts featuring scantily clad asian women since last night.

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Orngrimm3 years ago

Wow! Something happened!

All the spamcollections are gone alongside the bots.

Whoever did it: THANKS! :)

We're trying to keep ahead of them, but please bear with us.

If you happen upon a spam item, please simply flag as such and move on. Posting links to it here is actually counter-productive, and in a sense helps the spammers.

Thanks for the heads-up everyone!

KDaver seamster3 years ago

can not Flag spam collections..
I flag the ones I can.. but the spam ones are not able to be flagged..
getting real out of hand the past few weeks..
almost to the point of not wanting to come here any more.

Orngrimm KDaver3 years ago

With the Android-App you can flag also collections. Even the spam-ones.

Thanks, I was just trying to be helpful posting a link to the users page, as some of them had 10 or more spamsructabiles, and lots of collections which cannot be flagged.

Good to see the site back to its old self.


PCROB seamster3 years ago

problem is they use valid instructables in their collections, so we are unable to mark them as spam. only the collection is spam

Orngrimm3 years ago

Seems like your changes on the page paid off. Havent seen korean spambots and 'ibles for many days now...

Some post in the forums, but they are 403-walled. Not a big problem...

Well done!

Haha, that's actually a bug - the site can't cope with the character set.

Oh! then it is not a bug but a feature! :)
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