Method or option for switching off the Irritating Site Jingle on every tab when signed in

As an instructables user signed thus I know how nice Instrutables used to be with out this child like Jingle on every tab !
Where is the option to turn this auto play jingle off please?

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Arnold Ziphle4 months ago

T3DT - I found a way to block the "Jingle". It is not a perfect work around but, it works. Install the "No Script" add on for your web browser. Within the add on forbid/block - - while you are on this web site. The down side to this: It also blocks any video(s) the author has incorporated in their Instructable. I would imagine it blocks youtube videos from running on all web sites. However, you can give each video permission to launch that you wish to see, and/or when you leave Instructables you can give temporary permission to run.scripts.

tomatoskins8 months ago

I've heard of the video under the "Publish" button auto-playing on a few occasions over the years. If this is what you are seeing, it is usually an issue with the combination of your browser and ad blocker or other extension you are using. Try disabling your extensions and see if this resolves the problem.

If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team at

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

I love this web site but, the problem T3DT brings up is a real issue, the community should make the staff aware of. With all due respect, Instructables playing it's "introduction to Instructables" (1) upon the opening of a web page on this site, has nothing to do with what web browser, or extension(s) being used, if an ad blocker is/isn't being used or something is being clicked. Obviously anyone with an Instructables account knows what this web site is about, it should be turned off to them. People without an account here may need to hear it once per visit/session to Instructables but, not upon opening any/every web page on this site. Please forgive me if I am sounding somewhat "short" here but, my frustration with this issue is getting the better of me.

(1) Annoying ringtone music in background: "Instructables is a place that lets you explore document and share what you make. Whether you like to tinker with LEDS and bread boards, fancy an afternoon of fiber arts.....................Now get out there and make something!"

That should be fixed, but as a side note I see nothing wrong with making it harder for someone to view a page on the internet if they have adblock on.

A website needs to spend time and money fixing an issue that only people that don't pay them (with ads) have?

But that's an entirely different discussion :)

Yonatan24 - Thank you for the heads up that this isn't a waste of server/internet bandwidth, and actually generates revenue for the site - if users don't have adblock on.

Downunder35m8 months ago

What jingle?
Never had any on my end - sure it is from this site and not something you installed?

Same here.

Unless it's an ad that premium members don't get?

I've never come across any jingle / audio on here, whether I'm signed in or not. Suppose it could be related to something that non-premium members get, but not come across this here before.

I'd suggest you try a different web browser, if you get a different result it's more than likely on your side and not the fault of this site.