Setting up a new apartment, what would you do?

Greetings all,

I am soon to move to South Korea and will be sharing a bachelor with my wife on her ESL teaching contract.  I would like to see how many instructables we can take advantage of while there and want to get input from this totally awesome community and what they have used/would suggest to use.

Our Goals:

- Reduce energy use
- Increase healthy environment/food/liquid intake
- make best use of small area
- nothing permanently altering structure of apartment.


The first problem we have to overcome is the problem of a single bed.  While it is easy to say 'just go out and buy a double or an air mattress'.  The problem is that we have to keep the original bed and have zero storage space.  The idea that I found which could potentially help through the use of a Loft Bed instructable which would help us 'lift' the single bed out of our way and allow use to effectively use it for any guest that may stay over as well as get a bigger bed into the apartment.

I also saw a really neat instructable using Tesla CD-Turbine and thought maybe there may be some useful electricity to be gained since there is no water bill.

Also any number of various LED projects for lights and such.

I used this instructable for water filtering at home and will do so while in Korea.

Any other ideas would be welcomed!

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Kiteman7 years ago
A single bed was never a problem when Kitewife and I were first together. Ever heard of "spoons"?

Alternatively, lay a board under the mattress, sticking out towards the wall, and pile cushions or pillows on it.
Lol, spoons.
I can highly recommend it.
. You just haven't found the right silverware. ;)
She doesn't take a shine to anybody and you just rub her the wrong way.
But putting two together doesn't guarantee you'll be making beautiful music, maybe just a good time.
My girlfriend and I shared a single bed most nights for two years at university without a problem. Now we've been used to living together officially - in our own place - with a double bed - when we had to share a single as a one-off it was absolute hell!
DragonDon (author)  ohowson7 years ago
I'm guessing you are not upwards of 240lbs..... :)
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